Alan Gordon Simpson (Chair of CSC); Tony Brian (Chair of GCU University court)

حسن روحانی مدارک دانشگاهی خویش را از یک دانشگاه تازه تاسیس اسکاتلندی دریافت کرد هر چند او در عین حال دبیر شورای عالی امنیت ملی ج.ا بوده و حتی با حفظ سمت در سال ۹۴ عضو کمیته عملیات ویژه نیز بوده که طبق دادخواست دولت آرژانتین، مسئولیت تصمیم گیری درباره بمب گذاری در آرژانتین (که به کشته شدن ۸۵ و زخمی شدن ۳۰۰ نفر منجر شد)، را بر عهده داشته است. اخیرا دانشگاه کلدونین گلاسگو چکیده تز دکترای روحانی را منتشر کرده که تنها در همین یک برگ دو بار از کتاب دکتر هاشم کمالی کپی برداری و تقلب علمی کرده است. ما خواهان پس گرفتن مدرک پرسش برانگیز دکترا از ملا حسن روحانی و تحقیق درباره عوامل این رسوایی هستیم. لطفا این پتیشن را امضا کنید و به اشتراک بگذارید:

According to Daily Telegraph's article[1] (16 June, 2013) a copy of Hassan Rouhani's theses was available in the GCU library but both copies of Rouhani's MPhil and PhD theses were out on loan.

Rouhani earned his PhD degree in 1999 whilst he was serving as Iran's secretary of supreme national security council (SNSC). He earned his MPhil in 1994 whilst he was a secretory of SNSC and a member of the Committee for Special Operations which is responsible for the AMIA Bombing (a Jewish Community Centre in Buenos Aires) according to the Argentine government's indictment[2] for the 1994 AMIA Bombing which killed 85 and injured 300.

On 19 June, 2013, GCU published both thesis abstracts[3] of Hassan (Freidon) Rouhani on GCU library website which was scrutinised further and proved to have been plagiarised.

His PhD thesis abstract contains excerpts from Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali's book[4] (Principles of Islamic jurisprudence, First published in 1991) who is a professor of law at the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

[1] Daily Telegraph Article; 16 June, 2013; http://goo.gl/0LqfC
[2] Argentine government's indictment; Para. 1 Page 179; http://goo.gl/rVznr
[3] Thesis abstracts on GCU library website; http://goo.gl/PYcIC
[4] Dr. Kamali, Principles of Islamic jurisprudence, First published in1991, Pages 39&40; http://goo.gl/Sqk8n

Chair of University Court
Glasgow Caledonian University
Cowcaddens Road
G4 0BA
Scotland, UK

25 June, 2013

Dear Mr. Tony Brian,

We, as the members of the public are appalled to have seen the extent of Plagiarism in Mr Hassan (Freidon) Rouhani's one page abstract for his PhD thesis that earned him a Doctorate degree from Glasgow Caledonian University. We also wish to express our disappointment that yet a partial-text electronic version of Mr Rouhani's theses have not been made available to the public after numerous requests were made.

Glasgow Caledonian University's silence and inaction will certainly not help to clear its name from approving of such major academic misconduct regardless of the circumstances that led to this. It is imperative to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and identify those responsible for this unacceptable misconduct.

We, the undersigned submit the following requests:

1.) Make both full-text theses of Mr Rouhani available to the public electronically.

2.) Revoke Hassan (Freidon) Rouhani's PhD and instigate an investigation to identify and take decisive action against the responsible individuals.

We anticipate your kind attention regarding this pressing matters and reserve the right for further action, should these issues remain unresolved.

Yours respectfully,

The undersigned

CC: Alan Gordon Simpson (Chair of CSC)

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