#Students' Rights
Downingtown West Students
United States of America

The school board has effectively shut down the Living Arts for the spring of 2008.

In light of the recent strike, the board has refused to pay the various Downingtown District teachers their usual compensation for the Living Arts Show.

The orchestra students have their concerts, the theater students have their musical, the athletes have their stadiums and games. The artistically inclined students want their art show back. This annual event has put the spot light on Downingtown's finest artists, and also shows the exemplary art teachers at both Downingtown West, and East.

As a result of the Board's decision, without intervening, there will be no Living Arts Show. The seniors call on you, the sculptors call on you, the paints call on you, the craftsmen call on you, the video producers call on you, the graphic designers call on you, the student body calls on you to take a stand.

We, the undersigned, call on the School Board of the Dowingtown District, to revive the Living Arts for this 2008 Spring.

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