#Human Rights
All smokers
United Kingdom

From the 1st July 2007 it has become illegal to smoke in any place of work including;

work vehicles
pubs and clubs

Most people agree with non smokers' rights to not have to breathe in other people's smoke but what about the smokers? Do they not have the right to smoke if they choose? Why should they be forced outside in the cold and wet?

Let's ask the government to rethink the smoking ban to allow pubs and clubs and other places of work to - if they choose to - provide smokers with a dedicated smoking place inside buildings.

Let's look at pubs etc where if you wish to drink you have to do that inside as you are not allowed to drink on the streets yet you can only smoke outside, seems ludicrous!!

We, the Undersigned, ask the Government to rethink their ban on smoking and to allow work places the option of providing indoor smoking areas.

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