#Law Reform
John Kasich, Governor, State of Ohio
United States of America

New legislation in Ohio has forced physicians to stop prescribing opioids for patients with a legitimate need for pain medication.

If you believe that your physician has refused or terminated your medication for pain due to the liability incurred from the State of Ohio, or the political atmosphere it has created, and wish to fight back, please sign the petition.

As this sad turn of events has effected thousands of Ohions, this petition is the beginning of an effort to prevent politicians from usurping patient care from qualified physicians.

We, the undersigned, have experienced unnecessary pain and suffering as a result of new legislation limiting the use of opioids by board certified physicians. We question the legality of the State of Ohio to impact medical decisions made by physicians who are trained and educated to evaluate and treat pain. Politicians are not. We recognize the problem that you are trying to address, the Opioid Epidemic. We also assert that you have, as collateral damage, created a significant increase in pain and suffering for thousands of Ohioans who experience chronic pain, and were previously being treated by licensed physicians to improve the quality of their lives prior to your legislation.
Moreover, you have failed to acknowledge or address this fact. We ask that you, immediately address the consequence of your actions by modifying or repealing your misguided legislation to allow physicians to practice medicine in an ethical and humane manner in the State of Ohio on behalf of those suffering from chronic pain.

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