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Have you ever had the suspicion your child was using drugs, and want to have them drug tested?

I did at one time; my son was 14. I called the Doctor's Office to make an appointment to have him drug tested, when I got the shock of a life-time.

The Nurse with whom I spoke told me that my son would have to consent before they would administer a drug test.

My first thought was "I am legally responsible for my child (ren) until he/she is 18, but if I want to have him/ her drug tested, he/she must consent, that is insane."

If my child (ren) is old enough to decide whether or not they have to take a drug test, then he/she is old enough to be held responsible for his/her own actions.

If I as a parent do not have a legal right to force my child (ren) to take a drug test, to be present in the room at the Drs office when the nurse/Dr. give them condoms, to know if he/she has an S.T.D., or A.I.D.S., or to know if my child is pregnant.....

Then I as a parent should not be held financially, nor legally responsible for any thing my child has done. (I.e. shoplifting, skipping school- truancy, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, assault charges, or any illegal crime of which my child may have committed, or commit.)

I as a parent will be responsible for my child (ren), when the law gives me the right to have my child take a drug test, whether he consents or not, to know if my child (ren) have an S.T.D., A.I.D.S., or become pregnant, etc.

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