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AVA, SPCA Singapore, ACRES, Ministry of National Development

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) announced in Nov 2016 that the Government will be building facilities to provide spaces for animal welfare groups to operate animal shelters and for pet farms which will be located in Sungei Tengah and will be ready by end 2017. Most of these AWGs and pet farms are currently located in Loyang/Pasir Ris/Seletar area and will need to vacate when their lease expire end 2017. It was reported that "The Government-built facilities will ensure that the spaces adhere to animal welfare standards." and that AVA will seek the "views of various stakeholders on the design specifications of the facilities and will continue to engage them." However looking at recent photographs circulating online of the buildings under construction, it certainly doesn't look like these spaces "adhere to animal welfare standards" nor have AVA seriously consulted with "the views of the various stakeholders on the design specifications". The new structures looks just like concentration camps with small windows built at 1.8m from the ground. According to SCDF requirements, this is needed because when humans are escaping from the narrow windows at such height, it will prevent the human hair from catching fire. There are certainly more frequent reports of HDB flats and factories catching fire rather than animal shelters!!! The structure does not have any outdoor space for animals to get natural sunlight and is totally boxed in. How green is that if this means that the shelters will need to turn on the lights and fans 24/7?? How depressing will the shelters be without a well ventilated environment. If this is SCDF's mandated requirement, why then are HDB flats not built this way with small narrow window at 1.8m from the ground? If this is acceptable, why wasn't SPCA's new facility structured like this too? And AVA is going to allow commercial breeding farms to operate under these conditions??? This will certainly result in an increase in illness and depression among the shelter animals. Singapore is a tropical country, we need structures that are well lit and well ventilated. Cramping all the shelter animals or breeding animals in such a cramped quarters is not a dignified and humane manner to treat the animals in our care. Designers responsible for designing this space should take a look at the numerous shelter pictures around the world available online to review what a humane and well thought out animal shelter should look like.

We, the undersigned, call on AVA and the relevant government agencies responsible for the design and construction of the animal shelters at Sungei Tengah to review the design structure immediately to ensure that it meets human animal welfare standards including having sufficient natural lighting and ventilation so that it is a safe and healthy environment for all animals living in the shelter.

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