The Advertising Board

Since I was 12 in 1995 I have felt the same way about this sort of advertising as I do now, and I'm now 27yrs old.

This must stop and the average woman's rights to feel sexy in their family home should be restored to them. Not have It cheapened to an imposable unrealistic unachievable Image of what beauty is set by the media, by this form of advertising.

Targeted & catering to the male viewers only. And leaving a large majority of combined viewers, Unsettled in their own homes, Of mixed dwellings.

WE WILL HAVE THESE LAWS AMENDED ! To Only Advertising Products & Product Related Services.

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To have these sorts of advertisements stopped,
from depicting women as products and providing this kind of service of such a nature. Late at night -
Men Know where to go to get these services with out having it constantly in the family home after 12am.
Taking away the average womens right to feel sexy & comfortable in their own home.

I have sent Mr Kevin Rudd a letter to have the advertising laws amended, and to have these ads stopped. Before it gets worse and more constant !

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