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Many accidents on Belmont Street have occurred over the past few decades, all of which were relatively bad. The two accidents that hit close to home are that of the death of my uncle Kenneth L. Conley II (age 6) and that of the death of a child named Raymond James Jones (age 7) who both died due to being struck by a vehicle on this road in the exact same place on the road.

There is too much similarity of these two accidents that have occurred with over a 40 year gap. This road is very dangerous - with a speed limit set too high - and not one stoplight - not one stop sign - the whole entire length of the road. I have witnessed personally hundreds of people speeding on this road and coming down a hill like Belmont (without a stopping point anywhere on the road) it is almost impossible to stop if someone where to be in the road ex: a child. Please read further into the latest accident - the article is located on the newspapers website at www.dailyindependent.com and at my websites at www.facebook.com and www.myspace.com/efugett05. This is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed to the City Council of the City of Ashland.

I will be attending a future city council meeting at the City of Ashland with this petition. I am asking for anyone to sign that resides within the city or if you have ever lived in/or visited in Ashland - that believes that something should be done in order to prevent future accidents on this road that result in death. There are many options for the council to consider - stop signs, stop lights, lowered speed limit or all the above. Thank you.



We the undersigned call upon the City Council of the City of Ashland to make a change in the current driving conditions on the street of Belmont located parallel of 29th Street in Ashland, KY. Many accidents have occurred on this road - some even resulting in death of children.

Review Safety on Belmont Street in Ashland, KY.

Thank you.

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