Portland Oregon City Council
United States of America

Imagine looking at the Forest Park hills near the Willamette River and seeing a parking structure the size of a city block built into the slope. This is what north Portland’s Willamette Bluff will look like if Portland City Council approves a development agreement Nov. 17th with the University of Portland to allow removal of an environmental overlay.

The agreement bypasses public dialog required by the North Reach River Plan and enables a one-acre multi-story parking garage on a thin 7-mile urban wildlife corridor/native oak woodland. The location is also a significant viewpoint on the future Willamette Greenway Trail and a historic site for the native Chinook people

We the undersigned call on Portland City Council to require meaningful public dialog and an alternative sites analysis by the University of Portland prior to approval of a development agreement allowing environmental overlay removal on the Willamette Bluff.

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