#Roads & Transport
South Australia

States around Australia have reviewed and made amendments to the laws around Motorcycles.

South Australia has not changed or made plans to review the out dated laws considering Motorcycles.

We, the undersigned, call for the government of South Australia and the Department of transport and infrastructure, to review the laws for Motorcycles including and not limited to:

1) Lane splitting/filtering when the traffic is stopped or moving below 30km/h and the use of bike lanes/shoulder during stationery/slow moving traffic.

2) Broadening the approved motorcycle helmet standards to include European Standard ECE 22.05 .

3) Simplifying motorcycle control rules. allowing motorcycle riders to, for example, remove a foot from the footrests or hands from handle bars to stretch a leg or arm or raise themselves from the seat when riding on uneven road surfaces.

4) Parking Motorcycle on footpaths wide enough to allow pedestrians to move freely past.

The current laws are out dated and are not keeping up with the other states around Australia. Unified laws will cause less confusion and more understanding on the roads.

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