WITS BAccSci and Bcom students
South Africa

As the ASC, we have received a lot of grievances concerning pass rates, teaching methods and the overall structure of the BAccSci and Bcom degrees. For years the pass rate has been extremely low especially in 3rd and 4th year. The student body is extremely dissatisfied and concerned with this.

Teaching of content which is beyond the scope of what's not examinable in board but examinable in WITS exam papers. The spacing between exam dates is also an issue and students aren't given enough time to prepare for exams. Methods of doing work of the same topic are sometimes contradictory amoungst the lecturers and result in confusion of the work for students.

Your Accounting Students' Council believes that the SOA needs to do a review of the way the degrees are structured to ensure higher pass rates and better understanding of the work amongst students.

This petiton is to ask the SOA staff to review the quality and general structure of BAccSi and Bcom degrees, to find ways to attain higher pass rates and a better understanding from students.

A physical copy will be available downstairs by reception and also an online link will be provided on Sakai.

We encourage you to sign and bring this urgent matter to light.

Accounting Student Council
By students, for students.

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