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Whoever made the current Paintball Laws

A while ago, a Paintball Arena was opened close to where I live. My friends and I were excited, so we went looking for how to own a paintball marker. We went to the police station and they told us that all we needed was a shooters licence and a permit to acquire. Sounds easy no? I go back, not 3 months later, they've changed it, now I need a FULL shooter's licence and this permit to acquire because they're now prohibited weapons.

This means I have to be 18 instead of 16 to play paintball. I also wonder why its easier to get a 100% dangerous gun that should never be pointed at someone, than it is to get a sporting gun that is MEANT to shoot people. Saying that, people who only want a Paintball marker and not a real gun now have to be allowed to own a real gun before owning a less lethal weapon. Yes, we're letting people use real guns before we let them play games with guns that don't even use bullets.

I ask, what do you think is more dangerous, a crazy man running down the street with a fully loaded .303 rifle or a crazy man with a paintball marker. From what the current law says, a bolt action rifle is less of a threat than a paintball marker. Id prefer to be shot by a paintball than a rather heavy chunk of lead, might hurt a bit but at least id be alive.

The information for this rather unthought through law is on the NSW police website under community issues/firearms/firearms permits/paintball gun.

We, the undersigned, request the NSW government to change the Paintballing Laws to a degree that is fitting for a sport, allowing all paintball markers to be easier to purchase for anyone who wishes to participate solely in a game of paintball along with any modifications the seller can provide.

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