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THIS WILL AFFECT ALL THOSE WHO HAVE A SHED THAT IS NOT IN COMPLIANCE (this affects roughly 80% of Pinewood), including possible FINES up to $750.00 a day.

Over the past 4 years, the county has received about 45 complaints in Munds Park regarding sheds and additional complaints for car ports, which are within the property easements. The Code Enforcement Division has now been directed by the Board of Supervisors to clean up this backlog of complaints, and has sent letters to those 45 residents stating that the code violation must be resolved by Sept 1, 2008, or the resident faces fines up to $750 per day.

The pertinent sections of the ordinance are:

1. A detached structure shall meet the setback requirements of the main building for the front and street side yard areas.

2. A detached accessory structure which does not exceed 15 feet in height and 600 square feet in area may be located within an interior side yard or rear yard; provided, however, that such structure shall not be closer than five feet to an interior side or rear lot line.

3. A detached accessory structure which exceeds 15 feet in height, or 600 square feet in area, shall maintain the same minimum side and rear setbacks as required for the main building.

4. A detached structure shall maintain a minimum 10 foot separation from the main structure.

5. Although not requiring a building permit, accessory structures with less than 120 square feet of roof area must meet the above minimum setbacks.

9. Use of accessory structures shall be consistent with Section 10.0.

During a second meeting for this topic on June 7, 2008, included in attendance were, County Supervisor Matt Ryan, Director of Community Development Bill Towler, and Code Enforcement Inspector Lars Forsythe. They are genuinely hoping to resolve this issue with as little pain to the residents as possible, and still maintain acceptable minimum standards. As a result of the meeting we are asking for everyone’s help, regardless of whether or not you have been notified of a violation.

The county is willing to amend the current ordinance, and has stated that enforcement of existing violations will be delayed until after the county considers the amendment. They need your input to determine how the ordinance should be amended. Their hope is that an amendment would bring many sheds into compliance, without causing them to be removed or relocated.

This petition has been enabled for the use of having the ordinance amended.

Our goal is to help all those who are currently not in compliance receive a resolution now, whether or not you have had a compliant filed yet or not (there are roughly 80% of you that need to have your input entered, so it may be considered with this amendment). Even if you do not have a shed or car port violation the county still wants to hear from you. This is your opportunity to express you concerns or non concerns for this issue.

We realize that many of you rather not be bothered with this since you have not been reported to the county YET, but you will be at some point. There are people that have been calling in anonymously daily to the county in regards to sheds and carports being out of compliance. The county will follow-up on all complaints, and if you are in violation you will be required to come into compliance or remove the structure! Isn’t it better to use the help that is available to you now, to your advantage instead of fighting the county on your own when it happens to you? This is YOUR opportunity to have the ordinance changed to bring you into compliance, possibly without moving your shed.

In closing; this affects all homeowners in Pinewood. Please sign this petition to show your support for those in the community who are faced with this issue. The county is willing to work with us, let’s work with them.

We, the undersigned, call on Coconino County Planning and Zoning to amend the ordinance and all related documentation for the purpose of bringing the sheds and carports of properties 1/2 acre and under, in the counties jurisdictions into compliance as best as possible.

Please update the ordinance pertaining to “sheds” and non-permanent carports with regards to the current setback requirements; amend the ordinance for any shed or carport that is 80 sq ft and under to have a zero rear and interior setback on the property line, and 3 ft requirement to any other structures, not including fences.

Further recommendations include any sheds that are above 80 sq ft but under 120sq ft. have a 3ft rear, side setback and other structure, not including fences and remove the utility easement requirement.

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