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Medway Council (Public Transport Comittee)
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Medway Council have introduced a charge to disabled/carers in this region, of £75 to allow carers to travel free with their disabled partner, without consultation of these groups. This charge is nothing more than a new tax to help subsidise the local authority.

The travel scheme only exists within Medway and is of no benefit to carers outwith the area. I have been in contact with the local authority and they admit this was the only option discussed and decided upon.

As stated the people who recieve these benefits do so out of nescessity and not as a subsidy to councils Consultation with the council is sought by the people who are being forced to pay to what borders on illegal and undemocratic behaviour by the authority without any consultation with any other bodies. I have addressess and contacts with councillors and others who support this action.

I ask all carers and carees within the Medway region to sign this petition as a first step to redressing the issue of this £75 which is wrongly being levied against us,(and what amounts to no more than a subsidy to Medway Council) to have free travel on public transport both within and without the region.

Such a scheme where carers travel free operates in the whole of Scotland if travelling with a partner, and Medway state that this charge is countrywide, when after consulting 5 other councils in England I have found this to be untrue.

In short, this petition needs support so as we can overturn this appalling and unfair charge or, indeed find a fairer and more affordable way of travel.

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