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Madicon County Council
United States of America

Deputy's employed by the Madison County Sheriff's Office are currently required by policy to live within the county limits of Madison County, IL. This policy encroaches on the lives and liberties of the deputy's and their families.

Tax bases are not negatively impacted, as an officer will not leave their home without selling it first for a fair market value to a new family and another tax paying citizen. Residency requirements have nothing to do with crime rates. Officers are professionals.

Commitment to duty has nothing to with where they live – whether an officer drives a half hour or five minutes to get to work they have the exact same devotion to duty. A nonrestrictive residency policy means easier recruitment and retention of officers already on the job. Police officers and their families should have the same right to live where they choose as every other American; forcing them to live in a certain area or city is unconstitutional and a violation of our liberties as Americans.

This petition seeks to show the Madison County Council that the Deputy's and their families desire the removal of this policy.

We, the undersigned, call on the Madison County Council to eliminate the current policy which requires Madison County Sheriff Deputys to live within the county limits of Madison County, IL.

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