Ford Motor Company

Ford has entered into a transaction to sell TransCanada the land necessary to build a 985 MW Gas Fired Power Plant. This site is extraordinarily close to an established neighbourhood with approximately 11,000 homes and 16 schools being located within a 3KM radius, with the nearest home being approximately 425 metres away and the nearest school being approximately 325 metres away.

The proposed location falls inside the Clarkson air shed being an area that the Ontario Government has already recognized as being over-polluted with resulting high levels of respiratory health problems. The development of a massive gas fired power plant would expose the community to increased harmful toxic emissions particularly children who suffer disproportionately from FPM (fine particulate matter) emissions because of the nature of their developing lungs and breathing rates.

There is an inherent risk of explosion that comes with gas fired power plants for a myriad of reasons. Accidents happen. The unique characteristics of this plant being so close to homes and schools is not a good mix and would be precedent setting for Ontario. The proximity to schools and homes is not common sense planning as it puts the nearby community at risk. This risk is heightened by the proposed site also being within metres of a major railway line as well.

Ford has been a vital and valued community partner in Oakville for 53 years. Ford Motor Company has generally established themselves in North America as a top car maker due to their emphasis on safety (top safety ratings/Ford Drive Smart) and being environmentally conscious (Ford Drive Green/Drive Smart)

We call upon Ford to state that it shares the same safety and health concerns about the proposed 985MW gas fired power plant that have been expressed by the community and by local governments.

We call upon Ford to actively assist and support our call and/or assist with funding for an individual environmental assessment.

We call upon Ford to support the community's request for increased information from the OPA with respect to site selection.

We call upon Ford to release all information and agreements it has about the proposed plant including conditions to the closing of the transaction, arrangements for the use of the land and the use and/or transfer of Ford's rights to easements, water taking, water pipelines, wastewater facilities, licenses, permits, conduits, rail lines or otherwise.

We call upon Ford to stay the course with its commitment to health, safety and the environment. We call upon Ford to work with the community to ensure the health and safety of the residents as well as the workers at the Local Assembly plant are not compromised by the development of the Oakville Generating Station.

The Review location and operation of proposed 985MW gas fired power plant petition to Ford Motor Company was written by Brenda Phelan and is in the category Health at GoPetition.