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Prague Cosmetic Surgeons

I would like Legislators within the Jurisdiction of the Czech republic to enact Legislation to ensure Cosmetic Medical Practitioners who practice their trade in Prague are appropriately licensed by a well Governed Medical organization.

Patients who attend these establishments must call on the Judiciary to impose punitive measures on organisations that fail to meet the requisite standards.


This petition wishes to challenge the possible illegal practice of providing contracts that may or may not be structured in law. Quite often, contracts that are provided to patients (especially none nationals are not worth the paper they are written on and are legally unenforceable) ......

There have been headlines about patients dying from having as simple as a breathing surgery. National legislators need to draft appropriate guidelines for medical practitioners and ensure punitive measures are in enacted should medical practitioners fail to follow prescribed guidelines. Should Legislators fail in their duty ....it is certain many more cases of medical negligence and medical malfeasance will reoccur.

Medical practitioners who fail to comply with appropriate guidelines should have their license revoked and be disbarred from practicing as Medical Practitioners within the relevant jurisdiction.

I would like to petition all European Governments that are members of the EU to modernise their legislation in relation to corrective surgery.

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