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Eighth Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office Greenwood, SC

Attention David Stumbo Eighth Judicial Circuit Solicitor and Ricky Chastain Laurens County Sherriff this petition is concerning the pit fighting dogs at the Laurens County Animal control.

Our shelter only has 28 kennels for TWO towns and ALL of Laurens county. Presently THIRTEEN kennels in this shelter are tied up with court case dogs in which some have been there since 8-14-2015.

It has already been EIGHT MONTHS these dogs have been waiting on the court system! in the meantime adoptable dogs are being KILLED for space with little and NO chance of getting adopted or rescued. WHY does the county have to feed and care for dogs that most likely aren't even going to be adoptable due to dog aggression and KILL adoptable innocent ones for space at our shelter?

Some of the court case dogs may even be deemed adoptable and find homes IF you get them released to leave! You are wasting our tax dollars by holding them up in the court system! We had a similar situation a few years back with the Love Joy Lane case which tied up much needed space for almost a year! Was justice served in that case? From what I understand there was a plea deal? Do your job and make the punishment fit the crime! These dogs are suffering and innocent adoptable dogs are being killed!

The court case dogs are living in kennels on concrete floors! NO animal deserves to live like that for this long! We need action now! Out of the 50 states in our union, SC ranks 47th (3rd from the bottom) for animal protection laws! This is SHAMEFUL South Carolina!

We the undersigned are requesting David Stumbo Eight Judicial Circuit Solicitor http://www.scsolicitor8.org/contact/ and Sheriff Ricky Chastain http://laurenssheriff.net/index.html to take action NOW on the pit fighting dog case in Laurens County.

Our shelter presently has almost HALF the kennels tied up waiting on the court system. This case was filed on 8-14-2015. Our shelter is too small for two towns and the whole county to begin with.

Innocent dogs are suffering and adoptable ones are being killed for space! We demand justice for the innocent and speechless animals that have little and no rights in the state of South Carolina! Make the punishment fit the crime!

Stop wasting our tax dollars holding innocent dogs at our shelter in Laurens county!

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