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Many residents are not aware that there will be a huge reduction in parking spaces across the scheme, they think CPZ will make it easier to park, the Council should have been straight with us about the spaces lost on each street, instead of residents having to work it out themselves and giving misleading information that there 'may be a reduction in parking places'! Residents should be able to make an informed choice on the reality of the wider parking difficulties the scheme will create. Many residents, including myself, have asked for these figures but none have been forthcoming.

Only allows one vote per household - so for example, a single person in a flat without a car, has the same voting rights as an extended family with a grandparent, two working parents and an adult working child with 2 or more cars in the household. Likewise, a number of residents use a business car or van and have there own car.

No priority/consideration has been given to key workers, the lifeblood of our community, either visiting or living in the scheme. Speaking as a School Governor, teachers need to park somewhere, the harder we make this, retention of quality staff will be more difficult. Likewise many key worker residents commute outside Brighton and in the absence of anything near a good public transport system, need their cars. We have heard from a RNLI volunteer who has two cars in the household as they need to have access to a designated vehicle at all times when on call.

We have been getting business signatures against the scheme and not surprisingly, NOT ONE BUSINESS IS IN FAVOUR - about 30% of businesses had not received any paperwork from the Council further evidence of a FLAWED CONSULTATION!!!

Small, local businesses like garages, shops and pubs are very worried about the impact this will have, some will have to close or relocate (E.g. AJ Taylor - employs 50 staff)

Why weren't schools included in the consultation, again part of the fabric of the community?

The issue of displacement is given to us as a 'threat' that if we do not approve, we will find it harder to park, this has caused further division and anxiety in our streets

We have all been lumped together as having the same negative problems, when, as you know the streets and issues are very different. The information tells us we have parking problems during the day , it is in fact only a minority of streets have these problems across the proposed zone. Check our Face Book photos for evidence of free spaces during the day. You will also see photos of the empty streets around Queens Park, further evidence of a failed scheme displacing cars/vans into Hanover!!

It has not been made clear to student and other households that if their car is not registered at the address, they will not get a permit.

Many people feel, regardless of the inappropriateness of the scheme that £208 (inc £100 visitor permits) is an exorbitant fee and one that many household just wont be able to afford.

We, the undersigned residents of hanover & Elm Grove, call on the Council to abolish the proposed resident parking scheme for Hanover & Elm Grove.

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