Leona Charity Practise Manager Hampton Health Surgery.
United Kingdom

I would like to you consider signing this petition as the current waiting times for a scheduled appointment @ Hampton Health Surgery to see the GP of your choice is averaging ONE MONTH.. unless you are willing to sit in an open surgery with up to 40 ill people at one time and where recent waiting times have topped 2.5 hours !!!

This is a constructive approach to ensure the situation is recognised and addressed. Please do not make any reference to individuals based at the surgery as this will be handed to the practice manager.

Thank you.

We the undersigned request that the appointment scheduling for the surgery be re addressed as current waiting times are unacceptable.

There is real need for a adult and Paediatric triage system to prevent the clogging of appointments or time wasters. This is the main amenity for the Hampton residents which we feel right now is failing us.

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