AKA National Executive + DPE + BRP-Rotax

An Open Letter to the AKA, DPE & BRP-Rotax

We, the owners and supporters of Formula JMA in Australia have taken the unusual step of petitioning you because we are concerned that the Australian suspension of Formula JMA is not being resolved quickly enough.

Regardless of the technical arguments between you, we feel that an open-ended National suspension of the Class from racing at all levels was rash and extreme. In any event, having done so, we believe that every effort to resolve the matter very quickly should be taken.

As karters, we look both to the AKA to represent our interests in exercising its regulatory role, and to the suppliers for whom we are customers to act in our best interests.

We are not satisfied with progress on this matter and wish to point out that the extended delay is damaging karting (with people leaving the sport) and causing significant inconvenience and loss to us as owners. Loss both of our ability to use and enjoy the equipment that we own, and loss of value in that equipment whilst it remains suspended.

We look to you all for leadership in this matter, and also request greater transparency and communication in the handling of this matter. A key component of good governance is transparency in decision making and good communication with stakeholders. Neither of these qualities are readily apparent to us with the handling of this matter so far, and we ask that you redress this immediately. This applies to all parties: the AKA, DPE and BRP-Rotax.

We do not represent commercial interests. We represent the interests of Formula JMA owners, who just want to be allowed to get back on track.

We look to you to do what is necessary, and quickly, before matters escalate and become drawn out and expensive for everyone.

I support the Open Letter concerning the situation with the suspension of Formula JMA and request that the AKA, DPE and BRP-Rotax take account of our concerns and respond as requested in the Open Letter.

We just want to race.

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