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Local Councils and State Government

Concession holders are being financially discriminated against by excessive fine amounts. As pensions are set at approximately 55% of the minimum wage, a fine for a concession card holder eats into their food or basic living expenses.

In Victoria, many local councils do not have payment plans and once these fines reach the State System, they can incur costs which add to the burden and maintain dependence on the welfare system, can tie up the courts and keep some in a continual poverty cycle.

This petition is to request that concession card holders and low income earners are recognized as being disadvantaged and that fines are thus imposed at a percentage rate of the full amount imposed.

We the undersigned, petition for adequate measures to be taken by City Councils and other State Government bodies in Victoria, Australia to reduce the cost of fines by a percentage rate, commensurate with income levels for concession holders and low income earners.

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