#Civil Rights
Middletown Ohio City Schools
United States of America

At 10:28 a.m. on Sept.16,2009 an Anonymous Caller called the police and made a bomb threat on one of Middletown City School, The Person told the police they had one hour and then hung up, They did not say which School!... I have a daughter in Mayfield Elementary and I did not receive a phone call until two hours later! I was outraged and in a panic!

The phone call said all buildings were search however I just don't see how they can search so many schools in so little time. So to feel safe I got the rest of my kids ready and I went to the school to pick up my daughter, On the way I met up with two other moms who asked me if I also got the phone call, When I told them yes we all walked together to the school, To our surprise the Principal told us that if we took our children out of school it would be unexcused! Again I was out raged and told them I would be calling the board of Education! How could they not expect Parents to freak out and come get their kids! So as of right now my daughter has an unexcused mark by her name but there are too many crazy people in this world for me not to take her out of school!

Some say I am just making the person that made the call stronger but I will not gamble with my child's life! Will You???

I feel the school should have dismissed the moment they received the phone call and so do many other parents so if you agree with this PLEASE put you name on here and I will take it to the board of Education and see if we can get things changed!!!

Thank you.

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