los angeles county child support collection/enforcement agency
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More often than not an absent parent is forced to go to court to face the district attorneys office to provide information so that there can be an order reached by the judge.

The absent parent basically goes in, provides documented and undocumented information regarding finances and expenses. Then both parents agree or not. If not then in to see the judge.

Then that absent parent is usually ordered to pay and provide medical insurance for their child. Current laws allow the absent parent to not make one payment for three months before the drivers license suspension is requested, then one year before of non payment criminal warrant is supposed to be issued.

Usually by this time the absent parent walks back into court providing half truth and is allowed to begin the same process of ordered, not paying, letters of threat of taking enforcement threats, no payments, searching for employers, and attempting to garnish money that is not there.

Please get smart and realize these current laws are to easy to get around. Start making these dead beats spend time in jail. If he/she is not homeless or hardship they should be taking care of their responsibilities.

we, the undersigned, call on the state of California to provide tougher laws and enforcement when an absent parent does not abide by the child support order or does not pay on a consistent basis as ordered.

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