#Animal Rights
Mayor David Wood
United States of America

On July 27th, 2016 400 Canadian Geese were "rounded up" and murdered senselessly due to complaints of geese attacks, droppings and disrupting traffic. Is this really worth killing them for? Is it really such an inconvenience to stop or slow down to let a gaggle of geese cross the street? These animals do not know they are doing anything wrong. If a goose "attacks" its almost always due to an animal or human ignoring its warnings and this forces the goose to defend itself.

The Department of Natural Resources clearly lists methods other than killing geese to detour them from staying in unwanted areas. Once all of these methods have been used and proven ineffective, then geese should be collected and relocated humanely.

The enormous amount of money spent by the city to kill these birds could have been used to create jobs in the parks department for extra dropping clean ups.

Canadian geese are amazing creatures. They live among us at our parks hoping to be left alone to live out their lives just like any other wild animal.

This petition is to protect the remaining geese and to prevent further inhumane actions against them in the future. These beautiful geese are simply trying to live their lives and they should be left alone to do so.

Let's all have some compassion for other living things and let them live.

Surely we, as a community can come together and find a kinder way to deal with the Canadian geese overpopulation in our area.

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