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Toronto Mayors Office

My name in Jimmy Vlachos.  I'm a Real Estate agent and local resident of the Danforth/ Riverdale community.  

I've been active in addressing violations of city by-laws by Commercial Entities, Business owners, and their suppliers for several years with great success.  

My desire is to create a safer environment for property owners and tenants as well as addressing the needs of our community partners and business owners.

Commercial traffic in the area has increased and will continue to increase as we grow and prosper.

Commercial traffic is affecting the overall safety of residential streets and steps must be taking to ensure public safety and increased efficiency of business deliveries and pick ups.  

The city, Danforth/ Riverdale residents, local businesses and there suppliers must work together to create an environment that is safer and able to handle the increased commercial demands of today and the future.

Commercial traffic on residential streets has reached dangerous volumes.  It is not uncommon to see commercial trucks parked on or completely blocking sidewalks causing pedestrians to enter the street and risk injury by moving vehicles.  

Due to the size of the commercial delivery trucks it is difficult if not impossible to see around them. The combination of pedestrians entering the road way due to sidewalk blockage and private vehicles attempting to move in tight single lane roadways to avoid being stuck behind these commercial trucks is a disaster waiting to happen.  

Steps must be taken to ensure public safety.

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