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What precautions should parents take for children who swim a lot, particularly those on swim teams? Is there a higher incidence of chlorine-related health problems among swimmers?

Dr. Andrew Weil, well known health advocate, noted in an article in October, 20009:

“Chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools is widely recognized as a health hazard. New research suggests that children who swim frequently in chlorinated pools may have increased risks of developing allergies or asthma. Among adults exposure to chlorine in swimming pools has been linked with other health problems including bladder and rectal cancer and, possibly, an increased risk for coronary heart disease.”

The article quotes statistics indicating that children who spend a lot of time in pools are at a risk up to 8 times higher for allergies.

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Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent and irritant, harmful to skin and eyes.

Yet, there are alternatives. Some pools use a “sea salt” based process, which folks find much less irritating.

Many individuals in Parker do not use the Recreation Center pool because of the chlorine irritation, or use it reluctantly, suffering the irritation for the other benefits of swimming.

However, in emails with Recreation Department personnel, it is clear that they consider the chlorine methodology to be the best for the purposes of the Parker pool.

Therefore, this petition is a request for the Parker Town Council to direct the Recreation Department to form a citizen’s committee to investigate all methods of disinfecting the Parker pools, to possibly select another method, and for the Town Council to then fund the recommended new process, if any.

Your email address will serve as a way of keeping folks informed and of getting folks together for an appearance before the Town Council, if required and desired.

Please indicate your interest in being a participant in the study committee. This would involve email participation and researching the various alternatives, what other departments and private pools are using, etc.


Please contact ParkerChlorine@aol.com for more information or questions.

Web Site: http://www.ourwebs.info/indexcl.htm

By signing this petition, the following individuals request that the Parker Town Council direct the Parker Recreation Department to form a Citizen’s Committee to study the issue of chlorine in the Town’s pools, and to provide a report and presentation to the Town Council regarding possible alternatives to the current chlorination process used in Parker pools that are less irritating and potentially harmful to the children and adults of Parker.

Furthermore, we request that the Town of Parker commit to the funding of possible alternative methodologies of disinfecting the pools of Parker, based upon the recommendation of the Citizen’s Committee.

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