#Law Reform
Canadian government

I belive that child support is important. However I belive that it is a broken system. I belive it should be based on cost to raise a child in a demographic area not based on wages.

With it being based on wages it gives little to no reason for the paying parent to better their financial situation as it just results in higher payments. If a person makes $100,000 a year and has two kids the payment would be $1422.00 plus section 7 expenses. How can our government justify that it costs that amount to raise two children. People with lower incomes would be put under bigger hardship.

Also the fact that a person has to pay child support because the child is dependent on it. However can not claim the child as a dependent at tax time.

We the undersigned call on the Canadian government to make changes to the Child Support Act, to better reflect the cost of raising a child per demographic area. This is also a call to allow the paying parent the same tax benefits as the parent who receives the support.

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