Iroquois Board of Education
United States of America

At the board meeting and public hearing on May 10th several individuals spoke as to the importance of judiciously allocating district budget cuts.

Since that time, the report is in; much programming has been restored, yet 17 positions will still be left unfunded and there were intimations that further cuts may be forthcoming in the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

It appears that one contributing factor within this fiscal scenario may be the lack of public involvement in district board meetings and budgetary sessions, precipitating disenchantment with the final product. As students, alumni, and community members of the district we propose the district utilization of the mass phone calling system that is often used to inform residents of school related matters to increase public awareness.

Operational decisions within the district require greater input from within the community, as this is an untapped repository of participation.

I sign this petition requesting that the Board of Education modify the current method by which notification of all board meetings is given.

In addition to the current meeting notification provided on the Iroquois School website, I wish to include notification via the Iroquois District phone messaging system.

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