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South Peace MLA

WHEREAS, BC Hydro intends to expand power transmission from Chetwynd to Dawson Creek through the Arras, British Columbia district,

and WHEREAS, BC Hydro began approaching certain local area residents affected by the BC DCAT Proposal, now known as BC HYDRO FILE: 1001 - 1402.0 (5) 145, in the beginning of April 2011,

and WHEREAS the information provided and described by BC Hydro personnel seemed reasonable; Mr. Layne Smashnuk and Mrs.Linda Smashnuk land owners of 5372 West Arras Road, gave agreement to proceed based on, "the described widening of an existing corridor" which seemed mutually beneficial,

and WHEREAS, subsequently in August 2011, BC Hydro personnel approached the landowners stating that Pacific Northern Gas had underground natural gas lines which would interfere with the "expansion project" and that the proposed lines would then have to move within 35 meters of the landowners dwelling, and OVER the home’s water supply,

and WHEREAS, the determination of the landowner was that the subsequent proposal would both devastate the livability of their property and penultimately pose health risks which the Smashnuk's were unprepared to live with and unwilling to take,

and WHEREAS, the Smashnuk's upon further investigation confirmed expert opinions exist stating that NO DWELLING should be inhabited within 50 meters of high voltage 230KV lines as the lines once live would possibly cause adverse health effects,

and WHEREAS another family is having their home bulldozed but is not offered enough compensation to be able to replace their home, barns, corrals, etc which may put them in dire straits,

and WHEREAS a different family is offered NO compensation although the line is less than 50 Meters from their home, but NOT on their property,

and WHEREAS, the original intent of BC HYDRO and its agents, had been so grossly misrepresented the landowners; herein named, made certain demands with the intent if continuance was at issue, then relocation would be satisfactory,

and WHEREAS, BC HYDRO and its agents began using bribery and manipulative tactics equivalent to bullying, wherein BC HYDRO and it’s agents put in false deadlines on a without prejudice basis to be removed,

and WHEREAS, should the hydro transmission lines cause the landowners to relocate due to the dwelling being within the 50 meter vicinity of Electromagnetic Fields which expert studies conclude to be the source of adverse health effects on human beings and animals, and WHEREAS, BC HYDRO have made property assessment offers less than any marketable price exists within the vicinity of the Landowners 40 year occupancy with improvements which include; a 3 bedroom house, a barn, a riding arena and various other outbuildings and amenities including a spring-fed water reservoir upon approximately 28 acres of pasture and greenbelt acreage, of which all is at risk,

and WHEREAS the Smashnuk's are not the only family being affected in such a way along this route, and being forced to leave their residences without enough compensation to be able to buy similar properties, or being forced to live with drastically changed circumstance (we know of at least 9 families being so affected)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the BC HYDRO, its agents and commissioners be instructed by the Crown to change their initial approach to a business approach that reflects good will and good intentions, by providing all information up front, on first contact and any and all possible fall back options on any and all proposed project involving the acquisition of private landowners property whatsoever and for what ever so reason or cause prior to proceeding forward,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that BC HYDRO, its agents and commissioners be further instructed by the Crown to cease and desist any further transmission expansion activity; in part or in whole at and from the Kiskatinaw River and up Cooper Road of Arras, BC until an adequate review is made by the Minister of Energy Mines and Resources of all circumstances and ALL affected residences'

BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED, that all Landowners involved in the BC Hydro DCAT transmission line expansion from CHETWYND to DAWSON CREEK be provided with the opportunity to seek independent property appraisals and be compensated by BC Hydro accordingly for such an undertaking,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a review of the practices of BC HYDRO, its land agents, commissioners, and any party acting on the behalf of the BC HYDRO Corporation or any subsidiary adopt the practice of acting in good faith and make fair and reasonable evaluation in regards to compensatory offers without causing undue grief and stress upon landowners for prolonged periods of time,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the landowners and principals of 5372 West Arras Road AND their affected neighbours be fully compensated by BC HYDRO, according to an independent and qualified competent independent appraiser of their choices and selection, for any loss and devaluation of the said named properties, dwellings, out buildings and amenities, prior to the 230 KV DCAT Transmission expansion project proceeding any further,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that this petition be recognized by the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources of the Province of British Columbia as being the wishes of those individuals who have responded electronically, and those who have appended their signature and mark upon hand circulated copies herein attached, and that the Minister act according to these wishes as the final resolve.

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