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As amateur members of the AHA, we have the right to voice our concerns about all AHA shows, including U.S. Nationals, which is to be held in Tulsa, OK October 23-31.

As it currently stands, many cuts have been eliminated from the schedule, thus making it more stressful and unfair for horses to make the semi-final/final.

For example, the Purebred Hunter 18-35 class, which has 40 horses in it at this time, has been cut from a I, II, III cut to an A,B cut and then the semifinal/final. That means that out of 40 horses, only 16 will be chosen to advance to the semifinal/final. Last year there were 41 horses in this same exact class and the AHA added a I, II, III cut to the schedule. By adding that cut a precedent was set, and that precedent should be followed.

Additionally, according to Article 1329 of the AHA Handbook, “Show Management may use Elimination sections to reduce the size of any class when it is determined that such is in the best interest of the show.” We believe that having more cuts when the number of horses in the class requires that, is in the best interest of the show. In conclusion, many classes are being cut down like this. As amateurs, we believe this is unfair.

We spend our time and our money preparing for this beloved show and we believe it is only fair and right to have the number of cuts be equivalent to the number of horses in the class, even if that means showing more times.

Therefore, as members of the AHA, we call on the AHA to make the cuts for U.S. Nationals held on October 23-31, 2009 equivalent to the number of horses in the class, even if that means showing a greater number of times. Thus also allowing the precedent that was set the following year to be followed through.

This will insure that the show will be more enjoyable and fair to all exhibitors.

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