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About 2 years ago, URF was the love of my life. Millions of HP, Millions of DMG, It was beautiful. Also the fact that you were able to pick your own champ just makes it that much better. But what i used to love doing and kills me the most is that i can no longer do my URF 1v1s! I used to love setting up a custom match and playing URF 1v1s with my friends and just going at it with each champ we had. It was amazing. Please Rito, I need my old URF back, and if you cant do that, at least make it so you can still do URF 1v1s. Ty #RevertURF. And to the people who think that if we have original URF back there would be broken champs, that's why we have the 10 ban system your team can ban the champions HATED in URF so everyone wins!

Us the League of Legends community sign this for Riot Games to revert the URF gamemode.

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The #RevertURFpls petition to Riot Games was written by Addison Granados and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.

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