Things that need to be changed:

1. ALL servers are now PK - Needs to be 1 or 2 "Normal" servers.

2. Anyone can steal your loot from giants and AoEd mobs - Loot timer needs to be longer.

3. Egg drops are too low - Needs to raised.

4. It takes 999999 feed to get an egg to become a pet- Needs to be lowered.

5. You have to feed a pet too regulaly - Needs to be less regulaly.

6. If a pet dies you can't ressurect it - Needs some sort of ressurection item/NPC requirement.

7. The experiance gain of pets is very low - Needs to higer.

8. Pet bonus' are not equal to the amount of effort you put into pets i.e +1 Str - Needs to be better bonus' or for pet to fight with the owner.

9. The drop rate is appaulling - Needs to be higher.

10. Ultimate weapons is a poor excuse to get people to buy more spros - Needs to be re-thought out.

11. Ultimate weapon creation chance rate is too low - Needs to be higher.

12. Jewel creation rate is incredibly low unless you buy spros for upgrading weapons to crush - Needs to be higher.

13. The game is still very laggy - Needs graphical issues ect. de-bugged.

14. PK sanctions are not a big enough deterant to stop people from PKing a large amount of people - Needs to be re-thought out.

15. Duels anywhere is becoming an issue in towns - Arena needs to be re-introduced.

16. Venel Guardian quest is proving impossible due to PK everywhere - A restriction needs imposed.

17. Making pre 60 Green/Brown weapons none "Unique" - Needs Green/Brown weapon status re-introduced.

18. Exp boxes have been removed - Needs a good alternative or brought back.

19. Loadlights have been removed - Bring back the lodelights.

20. No visual effects on elemented weapons - Visual effects should be restored on elemented weapons.

21. Moon/Star stone drop rate is very low - Moon/Star Stones need to be dropped MORE since so many things now rely on Shining Ocroliums.

22. Angel system doesn't work properly (if you can get one before being killed) - Needs worked out/re-written.

23. "??" for everyones level - Show level of others again.

24. Plastic Surgeon/Haricuts are far too expensive - Lower the price of haircuts/plastic surgeon.

25. No more target lock - Bring back one charcter per monster rule.

26. Karma system doesn't give positive karma - Bring back positive karma for PKing.

27. Deleveling is making the game unplayable from fear of loosing hours spent leveling up - REMOVE Deleveling.

We are asking Gala-net/Aeonsoft to make the changes stated in the desription a wider view of needed changes can be viewed at:

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