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The Fluoride Free Water Group has the objective of reversing Ireland's mandatory fluoridation of water which has been in place for nearly 50 Years. We believe compulsory water fluoridation is an 'unreasonable risk to health' and the fluoridation policy must be reversed immediately for health, legal, environmental and financial reasons.

The fluoride (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid H2SiF6) added to Irish drinking water is a cumulative poison i.e. it accumulates in the body over time by drinking water, or absorbed through the skin when washing. It is directly linked to 'dental fluorosis' which is irreversible tooth enamel damage. See more info on dental fluorosis (in new window)

Official Irish Dental studies in 2002 studies showed, that 38% of 15 yr olds have some form of dental fluorosis and children as young as 8 years are also affected with this permanent condition of mal-formed tooth enamel. Dental fluorosis is the first visible sign of too much toxic fluoride in the body.

Independent world wide studies have also shown other health problems, linked to exposure to fluoridated water, i.e. increased rates of hip fractures, osteoporosis, lower IQ in children, arthritis, gastrointestinal effects, bone fracture, kidney disease, cancer, male infertility, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, skeletal fluorosis, endocrine disruption, and thyroid disorders. For more health effects including please see: Fluoride Health Effects Database (in new window)

Drinking water, which accounts for only 1% of water usage is the only target for fluoridation. The remaining 99% of fluoridated water, that is mainly used for commercial and agricultural purpose, flows down the drains, introducing toxic fluoride into the groundwater. When fluoridation is ended, the former financial costs of fluoridation, can then be redirected to cash starved health projects, currently being cut back due to the economic downturn.

To participate in the fluoride debate or receive updates on water fluoridation developments in Ireland join us on Facebook here: Fluoride Free Water Ireland on Facebook (in new window) for lively discussions and information.

We present a number of video clips on the dangers and health risks posed by water fluoridation. Please share them with your friends, family, and work colleagues. Forward them to your local County Councillors and TDs to help our campaign to end water fluoridation immediately!

In this video, Brent Foster, the State Conservation Chair for the Oregon Sierra Club, explains why he came to oppose water fluoridation in the US (the only country that has been fluoridated longer than Ireland):

People are becoming more aware about the toxic dangers of fluoride in our drinking water and damage being done to our health. We have got a new website up Fluoride Free Water Ireland website (in new window). As I look today (March 18th 2013) at the comments that people are leaving on their petitions I can see that people are getting angry every week at a government which continues to allow toxic cumulative chemicals to be added to our drinking water without our consent.

Politicians do not consider water fluoridation a serious issue so it's up to us to tell our politicians. Unfortunately the only thing they react to is public pressure! So if you know of people willing to sign please forward them this URL or recommend this site to your friends on Facebook!

The more signatures we get the sooner we can reverse the current mandatory water fluoridation government policy.

Updated: 15th August 2013

Minister for Health,
Hawkins House,
Hawkins Street,
Dublin 2.

Re: Artificial Compulsory Water Fluoridation

Dear Minister,

I do not give my informed consent for the addition of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (H2SiF6), or any other 'fluoride-compound' now, or in the future. I believe it carries an unreasonable health risk for me and my family.

When our Government does not listen to us, be assured that we will fight up to the European Court. Our rights as citizens are violated unashamedly, and we have enough scientific evidence to prove this in the highest court. We have serious health concerns at being forced to use artificially treated 'fluoridated water' since the 1960 law came into place. We do not want our families, to be exposed to 'dental fluorosis', a known harmful side effect of fluoridation from the start, or to any other health problems linked to continued use of this artificially treated water.

We believe the decision to fluoridate Irish tap water is unsound, and we want you to end compulsory water fluoridation immediately, for health, legal and environmental reasons.

Yours sincerely,

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