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Australian Parliament

Victorian and NSW police have introduced consorting laws giving them the ability to arrest people who consort with someone with a criminal record.

These laws are supposed to be aimed at Bikie Gangs - however - NO WHERE IN THE LAW DOES IT MENTION MEMBERS OF BIKIE GANGS - any person who associates with someone with a criminal record can be arrested (and jailed for up to six months).

If these laws were intended to reduce gang violence, why was the first person arrested a 21 year old with absolutely no ties to organised crime gangs?

Please see the SBS insight episode that deals with this issue: http://www.sbs.com.au/insight/episode/transcript/481/Uneasy-Riders

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We, the undersigned, do not agree with the police being able to use their discretion regarding consorting laws.

The police and the government have no right to interfere with who an individual chooses to associate. People with criminal records do not deserve to be avoided and ostracised from society because they are unable to associate with anyone without risking being charged by the police.

These laws have been introduced in the past and were ineffective, they will not fix the problem that the police are aiming to fix now.

This is a blatant civil rights violation. If these laws were intended for bikie gangs, the law should be worded that way, not in a way that allows police to arrest innocent people because their friends may have a criminal record. Police discretion should not be relied on with regards to this law.

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