Please help us reunite Omar with his beloved animals,him and his brother who lost his life delivering food to the animals.Tha animals are now in the very safe hands of #fourpaws but they will need Omar and he is there keeper but he has been left behind in ALEPPO ! Let's try to reunite him with his beloved animals who would never of survived without him and his brother who showed dedication and love ❤️ of the highest level, it's my belief that they should all recover from the hell of this war together. Without Omar and his beloved brother there would not of been any animals to rescue.

We the unsigned call on the Jordanian government to reunite Omar with the Aleppo Zoo animals that Omar and his brother dedicated SEVEN years of there lives to these beautiful creatures, without there dedication there would have been no animals left to rescue please help this man back to were he belongs.

The REUNITE ALEPPO ZOO KEEPER WITH THE ANIMALS HE HELPED SAVE petition to Jordan was written by Traci Mitchell and is in the category Government at GoPetition.