#Civil Rights
United States of America

Return the Book of Rhymes to Kevin Freeman who wrote the book at Hobby Lobby in 2004 with the aide of Emily and Amanda, and he made the statement, "you're awesome opossum, why are you playing dead" in reference to the people who went up the mountain and now blast rays at everyone, mostly because he had been drugged so badly with memory washers that his recollection had to be re-acclimated using the many phrases in his memory. The book was also the front of a large attack on this man and all legal claims should be addressed that he has implemented. The book includes recordings from 1999-2005 and ended with him being drugged in 2005 as a time traveling Markie Mark was drugged with just that the Mark of the Beast. They had planned this attack since 462 A.D. and we want the book returned to its rightful owner Kevin Wayne Freeman. His leaking battery was fixed by the Beast Within, but they memory washed him and drugged him before all that. His friends attacked him and hypnotized him against his will and everyone including the government is ignoring it. The Phoenix is in the air.


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