#Civil Rights
Rosamund Parker

We all remember the first moment we started loving Rosie.

For me it was when she started animating how her family cat liked to beg at the table.

And the first time I heard about the arrival of her turtle babies (for those, who don't know Rosie, she ordered them in a cardboard box, she didn't 'have' them).

And the first time we shared a confessional cup of cha da (Vietnamese iced tea) and she was the unfortunate, but encouraging person to whom I first opened up about my shitty break-up, and she just took it on and cracked a few jokes.

She became a partner-in-crime, -crushes and -crashes.

When did you first loving Rosie?

I, the signer, demand the return of Rosamund Parker (and her turtles, I guess) from the iron fist of United Kingdom, so she can once again live freely with bun cha gio, flirty geeky waiters, prosecco, Saigon activism, drunk girls on scooters, suspicious CircleK shopping, creative card-marking, giving the gift of the gap to all Vietnam's English-studying kids and most importantly once again inspiring all us VN-based people who have been so bloody lucky to meet her!

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