#Media Issues
CLTV and parent company Chicago Tribune
United States of America

In September 2010, CLTV News removed Garrard McClendon Live from its nightly broadcast.

We the viewers demand that the station restore the balance of responsible and entertaining news talk back to its lineup.

We the people of Chicagoland and surrounding areas do petition the management of the Chicago Tribune Corporation and its subsidiary CLTV News Network to return the "Garrard McCLendon Live" back to it's weekly lineup. In a vacuum of responsible journalism (or lack there of) and sensationalism run rampant, we demand that CLTV ( a cable news network) promptly and without delay return GML back to its normal weekly lineup.

Its host Garrard McCLendon has shown integrity, honor and intelligence as host. Even being as transparent as to include a personal family tragedy as a platform to educate and engage viewers in discussion of crimes and their impact on the community.

We, the viewers, would like the Tribune Corp and CLTV to treat us as the intelligent, honorable viewers who desire worthwhile news reporting and entertainment. We demand that this community staple be returned to us!

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