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United Kingdom

When Five launched in 1997 they showed the great Sunset Beach. It was tv trash at its best. Highly addictive and shameless it provided 3 hours of pleasure on saturdays.

When it was axed, Five started showing repeats but because of the inconsistent time slot it was not sucessful.

Now we want it back along with some other gems from the US.

We, the undersigned, call on Five to return Sunset Beach.

We know that you are now an established channel with fantastic shows like Everybody Loves Chris, Grey's Anatomy, House, CSI, etc and we thank you for this.


Sunset Beach was a fantastic show that deserves to be shown again.

We know that you tried to repeat it once and that didn't work (inconsistant time slots to blame) but if you showed it again at a time that would be suitable e.g Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays after 9.00pm, viewing figures would go through the roof.

Please. We need our Annie's and Cole's back in our lives.

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