#Residential Disputes
Management of Varsity Apartments on Main


I'm Moromillas Radec, I'm a gourmand (pastaio and fromager, specifically) I basically keep to myself and spend my time making pasta and cheese, playing video games and watching YouTube. I have been living at Varsity on Main for over 7 years and have done my best to be a good neighbour and tenant.

Management at Varsity on Main recently started to persecute me (in various ways), seemingly out of the blue. I've tried my best to talk to them about it, to understand why. To try and come to some sort of agreement that's amenable for everyone. Management refused to talk about this.

I have no idea why they did this, and as such, I've no way to stop it from happening again in the future, making renting too volatile and precarious for me to try again.

Management went and spread lies about me to the RTA, to the owner, and to my father... Telling them that I was sending management “insulting and degrading” emails. I wasn't. (I was asking them difficult questions, such as: Why would you try to talk to my father about this, before coming to me? Not the same as an insult.)


Because of this slander, the RTA didn't take my dispute seriously, the owner wants a new tenant in, and my relationship with my father has been destroyed. My father is not ill, but is an old man that may or may not have many years left.

Currently, it's not illegal to slander someone. While it can be taken up in a civil court; I don't have the money to pay lawyers to repair their damage. And even if I did, there isn't a monetary value to compensate for a lost relationship with a parent.

“Why should I care about this if it doesn't affect me?”
It sets a precedent. If they can do it to me, they can turn around and do it to you, or the next person just as easily. I was also on really good terms with management before they suddenly changed, like flicking a light switch.

I only ask that management:

A) Retract the slander, to make a genuine attempt to repair the damage they've done.

B) Give a clear explanation as to why they've been persecuting me. So that I'm able to avoid it in the future, making renting tenable again.

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