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Koufax had a stellar 165-87 record with a 2.76 ERA and 2,396 strikeouts in his career. He was a 7x All Star Selection, 4x World Champion, 3x Cy Young winner, 2x World Series MVP, 1963 NL MVP, 4x NL TSN Player of the Year, he was on the All Century Team, was inducted into the HOF in 1972 on his first ballot. First unanimous Cy Young winner.

He threw four no hitters, including a perfect game and has the most no hitters of all perfect game pitchers.

We, the Sandy Koufax fans, would like to ask Major League Baseball to retire number 32 from all of baseball forever. This would truly pay the respects to the greatest pitcher to ever play the game of baseball.

Through our convincing evidence of all his great accomplishments that only a very select group of pitchers have achieved, we the Sandy Koufax fans believe that Mr. Koufax greatly deserves this honor and fans around the world would truly appreciate the work of what one could say, was an artist.

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