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David "Deacon" Jones is one of the NFL's most widely recognized names, having dramatically impacted the history of the NFL and the St. Louis (formerly Los Angeles) Rams.

Yet his number has never been retired.

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We, the undersigned, resolve that the following action is well deserved and long overdue, for the following reasons.

*David "Deacon" Jones is indelibly linked to the St. Louis (formerly Los Angeles) Rams, and is an integral part of their history.

*David "Deacon" Jones is a Hall of Fame player who revolutionized the game of professional football and the position of defensive end with his ability and style of play.

*David "Deacon" Jones epitomizes one of the most successful eras of Rams football history, and is one of their most popular former players.

*Rams fans of all ages and eras immediately associate number 75 with David "Deacon" Jones.

Therefore, we respectfully submit that in honor of David "Deacon" Jones, number 75 should be officially and permanently retired from Rams jerseys, never to be worn on the field of play again.

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