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The Scientific Committee of the American Hemerocallis Society has voted to change the term ‘dormant’ to ‘deciduous’. Sign this petition to retain the word ‘dormant’. This decision was internal. No membership approval was sought.

Members of the AHS will be permanently affected by this change of terms. Hybridizers will be expected to check a box on the registration form that reads 'deciduous' rather than 'dormant'. We will be expected to spell and pronounce this word in everyday communications. The term deciduous is inaccurate and refers to trees and shrubs. The common usage for perennials including daylilies is the user-friendly term 'dormant'. Let’s keep it simple and correct!

The Retain the term 'dormant'. Do not change this to 'deciduous'. petition to president@daylilies.org was written by Di DeCaire and is in the category Science & Technology at GoPetition.