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The best game ever created was shut down because bunch of people were't able to sit down and talk it out. Its unacceptable. So many years have passed and people still WANT the game back. And I am one of them.

If they do not allow us to create our own server source and use the client they created they should re-run the game as FREE TO PLAY. And for that I would like to personally ASK Richard Garriott for permission because that game was the best game ever. No game before it or after it what concerns universe / FPS / mmo had such potential as TR.

Please support our cause of free development with supporting G2A


Thanks in advance.

Greetings humanity! Greetings world and my fellow brothers in blood!

Please help us! Together if we collect 100,000 votes on this petition I'm sure NCsoft will at least listen to our plea and Richard Garriott Himself will seen that He has made masterpiece that He's is still not able to understand.

His work is so unique that even now when MMORPGS / MMOS are coming out day by day - still nothing of that can compare to Tabula Rasa.

Som Im asking support from every single good hearted human on this planet. I ask off all humanity to support us in this almost impossible task. I alone am just one human being. But what defines me is a burning wish I want that game back online! To be avaliable to everyone and F2P . I cannot do it alone. But I can do it with Your help.

All that I ask for is compassion from people who do feel the same as I do. I cannot do a great change because noone knows of me and my name but please if anyone with influence would sign it and send it and support me in this case then we could actually move things and Tabula Rasa could actually be revived.

For people who do not know what that game was , let me show You and it will blow Your mind. What You will see in trailer so it was in game.


From the depths of my heart I thank You for the each vote and support shown in this case.

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