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Without national coherence, stability or unity of purpose, it is obvious that we will not achieve the necessary accomplishments or grandeur as a nation, even 63 years after our country's independence and counting.

We as citizens cannot leave this important decision to our politicians or interest groups alone to decide on our behalf. THE TIME TO GET INVOLVED IS NOW! other using the technology at our fingertips for merely the hottest stories or aggravating our diversities.

we can push the elected leadership into action, if we so choose, by coming together as an organised force, to push for deeper autonomy of all states.

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We, the undersigned, call on the Politicians and Government to enact the required regulations moving the following items from the exclusive list back to the concurrent lists, where they belonged originally, at the least:
1) Arms & ammunition
2) Commercial and industrial monopolies
3) Finger prints,
4) Drugs and poisons,
5) Registration of business names,
6) Police and other security services (bureau of intelligence and investigation),
7) Prisons
8) Census
9) Control of the voluntary movement of persons,
10) Labour (conditions of industrial relations, trade unions and welfare of labour) were all under the concurrent legislative lists.
Also, the issue of mining rights, should be re-considered, either in partnership with the federal, higher percentage of revenue or whatever solutions is agreed with represetatives from the states and in agreement with the citizens.

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