#Residential Disputes
City of Sulphur, LA
United States of America

An oversize commercial Tractor trailer truck has been allowed by law to park on South Lebanon St. for the past few months.
The truck's engine is very loud and the driver comes and goes all hours of the day and night disturbing the peace of our neighborhood.
The truck is a safety hazard in blocking clear view of the street and making it difficult for residents getting into and out of their driveways.
The truck can be a hazard for rescue fire units to navigate through our street.

We the undersigned request the City of Sulphur, LA take action in introducing an amendment or a new ordinance for the restriction of oversize commercial vehicles leisure parking in an residential neighborhood. This would exclude commercial vehicles providing a service to our residents.

The Restriction of oversize commercial vehicles from leisure parking in a residential zoned area or street petition to City of Sulphur, LA was written by Connie Britton and is in the category Residential Disputes at GoPetition.