#Law Reform
Prime Minister and Cabinet/ All levels of Government

Malcolm together with a group of young people recently purchased a cylinder of butane gas from a local corner store. Hours later Malcolm died as a result of inhaling the butane gas.

This story is becoming an all to frequent occurrence as butane gas and other harmful glues and aerosols are being purchased as inhalants by a growing number of our youth across Australia. While much attention is being given to the availability of "Ice" and other substances, little regard is being given to the use and effects of inhalants which are equally as harmful.

Many inhalants such as butane gas are readily accessible as over the counter purchases at retail stores. This should be of concern to all levels of Government, Service Providers and the Community at large.

We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister and all levels of Government to:

1. Follow the lead of the Western Australian Government to legislate on the restriction of sale of Butane gas, glues and aerosols.

2. Provide funding for the provision of affordable and accessible education and rehabilitation services to address the growing number of families affected by the increasing prevalence of drugs and substance abuse across all States and Territories.

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