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Sirius/XM Radio
United States of America

Sirius/XM Radio has decided to no longer broadcast "The Village" over its satellite service.

It is hoped that a measurable number of people may convince Sirius/XM that "The Village", or a program similar to it that is receivable by satellite is important.

We the undersigned ask Sirius/XM to reconsider its decision to no longer broadcast "The Village" over satellite service.

We ask that The Village be reinstated or that a new program be created in its stead to continue to serve the satellite audience, performers, venues, as well as the wide and deep cultural and professional infrastructure that constitutes Folk Music in this country.

The Restore "The Village", A Dedicated Folk Music Program petition to Sirius/XM Radio was written by Ty Ford and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.

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