Bishop Tomlinson of the Sandhurst Diocese

Your Grace,

Vatican Council II says "the laity are empowered — indeed sometimes obliged — to manifest their opinion on those things which pertain to the good of the Church" to their bishops. It is with truth, courage and prudence and with reverence and charity that we the undersigned appeal to you as our Pastor and as our Brother in Christ.

We petition Your Excellency to restore the once most beautiful Catholic Parish of St Joseph's Benalla Victoria to its rightful former glory, as it was before the fire of 1989. This is not all about the building but the Parish itself.

What needs to be restored?

The Parish needs to have a Priest appointed who is totally faithful to the teachings of the church and the Pope – all of them. It must be someone who dresses like a priest so that they make a visible impact on the faithful and general public.

The Mass must be returned to the holy Sacrifice that it is, and not just be a community gathering.

The Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help with Benediction should be re-instated as it was for so many years right up until the fire of 1989. As well as the following, Novena to the Divine Mercy – First Saturday in month, Prayers for priestly and religious vocations, Sacred Heart Novena with Benediction -First Friday in month, the Rosary before Mass.

Week-day Mass, everyday at a time that everyone can go, including those who are working. Currently it is only at 9.10am 3 days a week.

Confession should be available more regularly, not just once a week for half an hour on a Saturday morning or by appointment.

In this the year of Grace, and a time of Church renewal please celebrate our rich heritage and bring back the jewel in the crown of the Sandhurst Diocese.

How wonderful it would be if you were to celebrate this restoration with a Solemn Mass as you did when you were installed as Bishop. Here you could echo those inspiring words when you said: "It is on occasions such as this, when we gather together in this magnificent Church of St Joseph's Benalla, that we remember with deep gratitude that we were drawn into the life of God and indeed became part of God's family when we were Baptised in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."


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